For life-threatening emergencies, call 911 to transport the child to the nearest emergency room.


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Not sure if you need to call your doctor or need immediate advice for non-urgent matters? Check out the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS’ SYMPTOM CHECKER. If you still have questions, then give us a call.

Many insurance companies provide a 24-hour nurse based triage line. Their telephone number can be found on the back your insurance card or by contacting their customer service department.

We encourage you to use these two valuable resources prior to calling the office with a non-urgent medical matter so that our Triage Nurses can effectively manage the high volume of calls we receive daily, keep call back time to a minimum and concentrate on urgent medical matters.

It is our policy that whenever parents feel their sick child needs to be seen, a same-day appointment will be made. When leaving a message, please be sure to speak clearly, leave your name, spell the child’s last and first names, child’s age, your child’s doctor, a phone number where you can be reached and your child’s chart number (the last three digits of the mother’s social security number). Always have a pen and paper handy and the telephone number of your pharmacy. (Please use a 24-hour pharmacy after hours). When calling about your sick child, please be prepared to answer relevant questions such as the presence of fever, difficulty breathing and other symptoms.

Our pediatric nurses operate a nurse phone during office hours. You can reach this line by dialing our main office number, (703) 532-4446 and choosing option 2 for urgent medical matters and option 3 for non-urgent medical matters. Calls are prioritized in order of urgency but every attempt will be made to return your call before the end of the day.

When leaving a message during office hours for on our Nurse Line, please be aware that you may receive an email back answering your question.  This will not only save time and cut down on "phone tag" but also allows for information to be electronically entered into your child's records.  Please be sure to check your email after leaving a message and before calling back.   We are excited to offer this new technology and are confident that you will find this system quite beneficial.

After Hours
For life-threatening emergencies, call 911 to transport the child to the nearest emergency room.

Medical emergencies command and receive the doctor's immediate attention. One of our pediatricians is available for emergencies 24 hours a day by calling our same telephone number, (703) 532-4446. Calls after the office closes will be answered by our Triage Nurse Service. Please be available for a return call, have a pen and paper ready, and be prepared to give any necessary information, including a 24 hour pharmacy number. Should your call not be returned within the hour, please call back and leave another message.

Regrettably, due to increased administrative costs and to help cover the cost of staffing the triage service, there will be a $ 15.00 charge for calls received after the office has closed.